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Frequently Asked Questions


​​Q: Can volunteers apply for paid employment at THP?

A: Yes. Anyone can apply for a job – volunteers are considered an external candidate. Please be advised that volunteering at THP does not guarantee that you will be offered a paid position.  If you are interested in a career with THP, please visit the THP Careers page at Join our Better Together Team (

Q: Can I complete a post-secondary placement/practicum at THP?
A: Volunteer Resources does not coordinate post-secondary placements. For general inquiries regarding placements/practicums, please email: Education Office.

Q: Do I have to be fully vaccinated against Covid – 19 to volunteer at Trillium Health Partners?
You will be required to provide proof of vaccination or have an approved medical exemption or accommodation at the time of onboarding into the volunteer program. Please see our THP Vaccine Page for more information on how to receive a vaccination with Trillium Health Partners.

Q: How old do I have to be to volunteer?
High School applicants must be between the ages of 16-18 years of age. Those volunteers who are older are categorized as Adult or College/University.

Q: I will be 16 at the end of the school year, can I still apply for the High School Program?
To be considered for either the fall or summer program, all High School applicants must be the minimum age of 16 when they apply.

Q: I only need 40 hours for my High School graduation requirement. Can I still apply?
You may still apply, but verification of hours will not be provided until you have completed 60 hours of volunteering.

Q: My friend and I would like to volunteer together. Is this possible?
We appreciate that volunteering with a friend is a fun thing to do. If you are both selected, we cannot guarantee that you will be placed on the same shift or the same area but we will try to accommodate if appropriate.

Q: When are volunteer shifts? Can I volunteer more than once a week?
Shifts vary from 2 to 4 hours in length. Monday through Sunday. We recommend that you start off with one shift per week to get a feeling for the area you are volunteering in and then consider taking on an additional shift.

Q: Can I volunteer in whatever area I want?
Volunteers are placed in areas in which staff have expressed a need for volunteer assistance. Your interest, skills and availability will be discussed during the interview to ensure a successful placement.

Q: If I'm professionally trained, may I practice my profession as a volunteer?
Unfortunately, no. We welcome volunteers with health care backgrounds, however, volunteers must work within the scope of the volunteer role. Volunteering will not provide you with an opportunity to practice or develop clinical or technical skills or provide an outlet for employment.

Q: What is the Hospital Life Program (H.E.L.P.)?
This program will interest people who enjoy working with seniors. Volunteers interact directly with elderly patients, engaging them in discussion and activity to help prevent mental and physical decline during their stay in the hospital.

Q: Can I take holidays?
Yes, of course! However, we ask volunteers to inform us in advance of the dates they will be away.  For extended vacations, we cannot guarantee the volunteer position will be available upon your return.

Q: Is there a volunteer uniform?
All volunteers are required to wear a uniform while on duty. A Trillium Health Partners photo ID is issued on your first shift.

Q: Will I be charged for parking?
Complimentary parking is provided while volunteering.

Q: Once I apply, how long do I have to wait to hear if I'm accepted?
We receive many high quality applicants during our intake period. Applicants who apply online will receive an automated reply acknowledging receipt of their application. Selected applicants will be contacted by telephone or email to book a personal interview. Your application will remain active in our files for consideration for 6 months from the date you submit it. If you have not been selected for an interview by then, we invite you to re-submit an application, 6 months after your previous submission.

Q: How can I receive a reference letter, if I’m an active or past THP volunteer?
Volunteers are required to complete a minimum of 60 hours of volunteer service before requesting a letter regarding completion of volunteer hours or for a reference. A minimum of 100 hours must be completed for university, graduate, medical school and scholarships reference letter requests. The Volunteer Coordinator must have suitable knowledge of the skills and aptitudes of the applicant as required for the reference. All references are at the discretion of the Coordinator. A minimum of two weeks is required for staff to complete these requests. Verification or a statement of hours can be provided by the volunteer department.