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Women’s Clinics

To support Women’s health care in our community, Trillium Health Partners provides specialized Women’s clinics at our Credit Valley Hospital and Queensway Health Centre (West Toronto) sites.

These services are available by referral and include Colposcopy, Urogynecology, and the Early Pregnancy/First Trimester Clinics. For general inquiries and clinic locations, please see the information at the bottom of this page.

Colposcopy Clinics

Colposcopy is an examination of the vagina, vulva, and cervix using a specialized microscope called a colposcope. The most common reason for being sent to the Colposcopy Clinic is for an abnormal Pap smear. Treatments may include loop excision or cryotherapy, but often no treatment is required. Our physicians will discuss these options with you as needed. A referral is required from a health care provider for you to be seen in the clinic.

Queensway Health Centre site:
Located at the surgical clinics.
Referrals can be made by Fax to the following Gynecologists:
Dr. Bhangu     416-626-7252
Dr. Bonde       905-949-1112
Dr. Hakim       905-896-4848
Dr. Scheufler  905-896-1290
Dr. Stein          888-972-4226

Credit Valley Hospital Site:
Located on the 1st floor of Credit Valley Hospital site (near 1B patient unit)
Phone: (905) 813-3862
Fax: (905) 813-4475
The phones are answered Monday through Friday between 0800 and 1600.

Continence Clinic

If you are experiencing bladder and/or bowel difficulties, you can visit one of Trillium Health Partners’ Continence Clinics and be seen by a Nurse Continence Advisor who is a registered nurse with advanced education and training in continence care. For more information, please see Regional Continence Clinics page.

Urogynecology Clinic

If you are a woman experiencing urinary incontinence or uterine prolapse that is affecting your quality of life, or require care for your pessary you can ask your family physician to refer you to an Urogynecology Clinic. We will assess your condition and discuss possible solutions.

Queensway Health Centre site:
Dr. Rogers - Fax: 888-972-4226

Credit Valley Hospital site:
Dr. Allan Kanee or Dr. Carol Wade - Fax: 1-866-820-5299

Early Pregnancy Clinic and First Trimester Clinic

Our clinics are designed for women who are under 13 weeks’ gestation and are experiencing complications of pregnancy. We provide assessment for conditions such as vaginal bleeding, abdominal pain or cramping.

Our clinics help women through these early pregnancy complications. Our role is to assess and identify each patient’s needs, provide emotional support and discuss best treatment options. If the nurse needs to review or discuss any concerns, a physician is always available.

Based on the diagnosis, all options are provided and discussed. These may include surgery, medicine, or just waiting for 1 to 2 weeks. Each patient is followed until pregnancy complications are resolved and then encouraged to follow up with her own family doctor.

Women experiencing early pregnancy complications are referred via the Emergency Department, their family doctor, or midwife. A recent ultrasound, a blood group and screen and BetaHCG hormone level are also helpful.

Community care providers can refer appropriate patients directly to these clinic by faxing a referral form to (905) 813-4475.

Doctors’ offices, if you require an electronic version of the referral form, please contact the clinic directly at (905) 813-4338.

Clinic locations and General Inquiries:

Credit Valley Hospital Site
Phone:  (905) 813-4338
Credit Valley Hospital Site Map

Queensway Health Centre Site
Phone:  (416) 521-4099
Queensway Health Centre Site Map