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Transesophageal Echocardiogram


A Transesophageal Echocardiogram is another form of Echocardiogram. It uses an ultrasound tube which goes through your mouth and throat and is easy to swallow. Ultrasound uses sound waves, or echoes, to make the picture. It allows us to see clear pictures of your heart and related structures from the inside of your body. Your heart doctor (Cardiologist) may have you take this exam if good pictures cannot be made during a standard Echocardiogram.

You must be sedated during this test.

The purpose of this test is to:

  • To assess the structure of your heart and how well it is working


What to Expect During Your Test

  • You will be asked to sign a consent before the test is done.
  • The test will be done by a heart doctor (Cardiologist) and Echo Sonographer
  • You will be given sedation through an Intravenous injection.
  • You will be given an analgesic to relax your throat and reduce any discomfort the test may cause
  • The procedure takes 15 to 20 minutes but expect to be in the department for approximately two hours.
  • Some patients experience a sore throat for a few days after the procedure.

How to Prepare for Your Test

  • Do not eat or drink for 12 hours before the test.​
  • Because you will be lightly sedated for the test you will not be allowed to drive yourself home. Please arrange for someone to accompany you and drive you home after the test.