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Loop (Cardiac Event) Monitoring


A Loop Monitor is a small portable recording device used to record and measure how your heart is beating while you do your normal daily activities. You may be asked to wear it for up to 14 days. The recordings it makes help diagnose an irregular heartbeat, where your heart begins beating too fast, too slow or with an uneven rhythm.

The device can be set to automatically start recording when symptoms begin, or you can trigger it yourself when you feel the symptoms begin.

  • To measure an irregular heartbeat instead of using a Holter Monitor or if a Holter Monitor has been tried but was not able to record the right information
  • To determine if any medications you have been given are working to control   your irregular heartbeat
  • To record if your irregular heartbeat comes back after you stop taking a medication for it
  • To evaluate fainting spells and light headedness
  • To determine if your irregular heartbeat has improved after you have had a procedure to treat it

Resources for Patients & Their Families

How to Prepare for Your Monitor

  • Wear loose comfortable clothing or a top with buttons so we can access your chest
  • Do not wear one-piece clothing such as jumpsuits
  • Bring a list of all current medications; do not apply any lotions to your chest.  
  • Bathe before your appointment. You cannot get the monitor wet while you are wearing it.
  • You will spend approximately 30 minutes for your appointment.


Borrowing Loop Monitors

You will be asked to sign a borrowing agreement form to take responsibility for the equipment when leaving the hospital.

When you are done with the monitor you will return it to the hospital where we will download the information recording on it and give it to the heart doctor (Cardiologist) to review.

You can also send the recording to the hospital by phone. A landline is needed for this (you cannot use a cell phone) and you will be given instruction on how to do this. You will still need to return the monitor to the hospital.