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Inpatient Surgery

Inpatient surgeries are performed at Mississauga Hospital. We provide full pre-operative, inter-operative and post-operative support for patients, including:

Pre-operative work-up for

  • Same-day admit patients
  • Heart catheter patients
  • Endoscopy patients

Operating Rooms (OR)

  • Acute inpatient ORs
  • 14 ORs, including 3 Cardio Vascular ORs (CVOR)
  • Includes 2 minimally invasive OR suites
  • 13,000 procedures are performed annually in our ORs

PACU – Post Anesthetic Care Unit

  • Post anesthetic care to surgical patients
  • Post procedure care (as required) to cardioversion patients, neurodiagnostic patients, endoscopy patients
  • Treatment and post procedure care to ECT patients
  • Serves 13,000 patients annually

Two Inpatient Units

  • 60 inpatient beds
  • Surgical oncology focus:
    • Major abdominal surgery
    • Vascular surgery and Hapatopancreaticobiliary (liver/pancreas)
    • Major head and neck dissections
  • Regional centre for vascular and surgery
  • 95% occupancy
  • 22,000 inpatient days annually