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Ambulatory Surgery

Mississauga Hospital's Surgical Program provides comprehensive, sophisticated surgical care.

Ambulatory Services – Queensway Health Centre


The Queensway Health Centre's Surgicentre is the largest free-standing ambulatory centre in North America. It offers a full range of outpatient surgical services:

  • Peri-operative services (DS, OR, PACU for ambulatory patients)
  • 8 ORs, includes 2 minimally invasive OR suites
  • Cystoscopy program
  • Cataract program
  • Serving 13,000 patients annually

Surgical Clinics

  • Clinic service to all surgical services (Surgical, Neuro/MSK, and Women’s & Children’s Health Systems)
  • New programs – Chronic Pain Management Clinic; Ortho/Neuro Urgent Clinic
  • Also provide services for the colposcopy suite, opthamology, hand clinic, wound management and splinting
  • Serves 35,000 patients annually

Pre-op Clinic

  • 350 patients for cardiac anesthesia and patient/nursing education
  • 3,246 patients for anesthesia examination
  • 2,300 patients for anesthesia and nursing education
  • 300 patients for cardiac pre-op teaching

Ambulatory Services – Mississauga Hospital

The Mississauga Hospital provides pre-operative work-ups, day surgery and same day admission for more complex surgical procedures.