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History The Queensway General Hospital

The Queensway General Hospital

In the late 1940s it became clear to many that a general hospital was needed to serve the area between Toronto and Oakville. The proposal for a hospital was received with enthusiasm by both industry and the local community.

Over the years, West Toronto's first hospital built and sustained a meaningful relationship with the residents of West Toronto and eastern Mississauga by being, first and foremost, a family hospital. The cornerstone of the 429-bed hospital's success was its ability to continually meet the needs of a growing, cosmopolitan community through the delivery of appropriate quality health care.

1951 The Lakeshore Hospital Association was incorporated.

1952 The name 'Queensway' was chosen following a 1952 contest among Lakeshore- West Toronto school children, which was won by nine-year-old Joan Smith, who later would become a nurse and worked in the hospital that she named.
With a charter, a name, a site and a plan, the Association set about to raise the $2 million needed from the private sector to build the hospital.

1956 In August 1956, the 131-bed facility admitted its first patients.

1960s The hospital, responding to the dramatic growth in the area and an increased demand for its acute care services, was enlarged to house 309 beds.

1984 Responding to its increasingly aging population, the hospital entered into an innovative joint venture with a private entrepreneur to construct and administer a 120-bed chronic care wing. Opened on December 11, 1984, the George St. Leger McCall Wing represented cooperation between a public hospital and the private health care sector, the first of its kind in Canada.

1990 The Goodhealth Centre was established, a referral and resource service for seniors and their caregivers.

1998 On April 1, 1998, The Mississauga Hospital and The Queensway General Hospital merged, and on an interim basis, the new organization was called 'The Mississauga-Queensway Hospital'.

1998 At ceremonies on October 6, 1998, the hospital's new name 'Trillium Health Centre' was unveiled at events at both the Mississauga location and West Toronto location. The West Toronto location becomes the Ambulatory Care Centre for Trillium Health Centre.