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Professional Staff Association


What is the Professional Staff Association?

The Professional Staff Association (PSA) represents over 1,300 Professional Staff members at Trillium Health Partners. Members include:

Medical Staff, Dental Staff, and Midwifery Staff.

What we do?

  • Provide a forum for raising issues that impact the collective membership.
  • Facilitate communication and collaboration across the membership.
  • Represent the interests and perspectives of the Professional Staff to the Hospital and the Board of Directors.
  • Engage with Hospital administration and provide effective representation of the Professional Staff.
  • Model and sustain a positive environment that facilitates professional excellence, enhancing the quality of care provided to patients.

Our Mission​

Our Mission is to represent the interests of the Professional Staff and to strengthen our leadership role in patient care.

Our Vision​

Our Vision is to have a healthy and engaged Professional Staff that has a collaborative relationship in change initiatives and decisions being made in the hospital. We will strive to remain honest, respectful, and responsive.​

Your PSA Executive Committee 2023/2024

Dr. Indy Ghosh,

Dr. Ghosh has been a specialist in Emergency Medicine for almost 20 years with 10 years at Trillium Health Partners. Academically, he continues as an Assistant Clinical Professor at McMaster University and a Lecturer at the University of Toronto.

As President, Dr. Ghosh is a member of the Board of Directors, the Finance and Audit Committee and the Medical Advisory Committee. He Chairs the PSA Business Meetings, and represents the PSA Membership in liaison with Senior Administration.

Dr. Sujata Sikka,

Dr. Sikka has been an Anaesthesiologist at Trillium Health Partners since 2004. She is the MAM Faculty Lead for EDI and member of the THP Perioperative Environmental Sustainability Committee. Dr. Sikka is a Lecturer at the Temerty Faculty of Medicine, Department of Anaesthesia and recipient of the THP Award for Outstanding Commitment for the Advancement of Medical Education.

As Vice President, Dr. Sikka is a member of the Board of Directors, the Medical Advisory Committee, Credentials Committee, and the Fiscal Advisory Committee, and Co-Chairs the PSA Business Meetings.

Dr. Zafar Ahmad,

Dr. Ahmad has been an Emergency Physician at Trillium Health Partners since 2003. He has represented the Section on Emergency Medicine at the OMA since 2007. Academically, he continues as a Lecturer at the University of Toronto.

As Secretary, Dr. Ahmad's roles include overseeing the duties of the Treasurer as well as being a member of the Credentials Committee and the Medical Advisory Committee.

Dr. Thomas McGowan,

Dr. McGowan is a Radiation Oncologist at Trillium Health Partners. From 2004 to 2014, he was the Head of Radiation Oncology at the Credit Valley Hospital. Dr. McGowan brings a wealth of Executive experience to this role as he was previously Chair of the MAC and President of the Medical Staff Association at Princess Margaret Hospital. He was also Provincial Head of Radiation Oncology and then Executive Vice President at Cancer Care Ontario.

As Treasurer, Dr. McGowan is responsible for managing the banking for the PSA and presenting the budget at the AGM.

Past Presidents

We would like to recognize Past PSA Presidents for their service and commitment to members.

2022-2023 Milan Barboza (C)
2021-2022 Catherine Grenier (M)
2020-2021 Nick Scampoli (C)
2019-2020 Rohit Kumar (M)
2017-2019 Melanie Binnington (M)
2016-2017 Jerry Levesque (C)
2015-2016 Joe Noora (M)
2013-2015 Bill Wong (M)
2012-2013 Naveen Dayal (C)
2011-2012 Jamie Newman (M)