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Patient Support and Resources


People-Centred Care at THP

THP was founded on the idea that when we work together, there is no limit to what can be achieved. In partnership, we can challenge the limits of what is possible for health and the human spirit to enrich and improve the lives of every member of the community. This has been the foundation for the motivated, inspired, optimistic and resilient culture we have built together.

Our shared values of compassion, excellence and courage, as well as our beliefs and characteristics, define THP's culture and commitment to ourselves, each other and the community we serve.

Our beliefs underpin our work and stem from the understanding that we are Better Together. Teamwork allows us to overcome challenges and achieve together what would not be possible alone. Active participation of patients and families is central to this, from the point of care to planning and decision-making.

At our core, we believe that health care needs to work well for everyone involved — patients, family members, staff and providers.

- THP Strategic Plan: 2019-2029

Patient handbook - PDF link  

THP’s newest edition of Partnering with Patients, a guide to supporting patients throughout their stay.


We Value Your Feedback​

Trillium Health Partners is committed to providing an exceptional experience for our patients and their families. We welcome your compliments, concerns or suggestions for improvement and encourage you to be involved in your care.

If you have a concern, please speak directly to your physician or care team member or ask to speak with the unit manager. Patient Relations Advisors are also available to you for assistance in resolving any complaints.

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