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Complex Continuing Care Units


Trillium Health Partners offers different levels of Complex Continuing Care depending on the patient’s needs.
The Moir Family Centre for Complex Continuing Care provides 39 inpatient Complex Continuing Care beds. The focus of the Moir Centre is on highly complex post-acute complex continuing care. Patients at the Moir Centre typically require a significant amount of support for activities of daily living, and may require medical technologies to support their care (e.g. tracheostomies, feeding tubes, nephrostomy tubes, catheters, etc.)
To learn more, visit the Moir Family Centre website.

The McCall Centre has 73 inpatient beds that provide a range of Complex Continuing Care services including end of life and palliative services.
The McCall Center also has a 47-bed unit providing Activation services, which are also called Slow Stream Rehabilitation. A typical patient in our Slow Stream Rehabilitation program needs a less intense, differently paced program than is found in our high intensity rehab beds to enable their recovery. Our teams will work with each patient to identify and work towards recovery goals, and will discuss transition plans to the next setting with each patient and their family.
Trillium Health Partners services provided at the McCall Centre are supported through our management services partnership with Extendicare Assist Canada.

Our Complex Continuing Care Partnership

Through an innovative partnership with Runnymede Healthcare Centre, we are proud to also be able to offer our patients who need Slow Stream Rehabilitation access to 33 beds at Runnymede. This enables us to ensure that our patients who need these services are able to transition from acute care to an appropriate bed in a timely way.

Who We Help

Patients with multiple chronic complex medical conditions or diagnoses whose needs cannot be met in any other community or residential setting, including long-term care.