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Ambulatory/ Outpatient Services

We're dedicated to providing you with the ambulatory and outpatient services you need, when you need them. The following services are available to you.

Acute Hand Program

The Acute Hand Program is a center of excellence focused on meeting the needs of people who experience a hand or wrist injury or condition. Our goal is to assist you in maximizing your recovery and function.

We offer the following services:

  • Hand therapy assessment and treatment
  • Consultation with Plastic Surgeons/Hand Surgeons in Hand Clinics
  • Custom splinting
  • Wound care
  • Range of motion therapy
  • Education: strengthening, functional hand use, ergonomics related to the hand and wrist

Our highly experienced clinical team is dedicated to working together with you to provide exceptional, individualized therapy. We also support the Plastic Surgeons in the Hand Clinics, operating at two of Trillium Health Partner sites: Queensway Health Centre and Credit Valley Hospital.

Our multidisciplinary team includes the following highly trained healthcare professionals who have dedicated their time to specialize in hand therapy:

  • Plastic Surgeons
  • Nurses and Cast Technicians (Hand Clinics)
  • Occupational Therapists
  • Physiotherapists
  • Occupational and Physiotherapist Assistants

Our Plastic Surgeons include:

  • Dr. Conor Turley, Plastic Surgeon, Head of Plastics Division
  • Dr. Cory Goldberg, Plastic Surgeon
  • Dr. Barbara Jemec, Plastic Surgeon
  • Dr. Sharon Kim, Plastic Surgeon
  • Dr. Adrian McArdle, Plastic Surgeon
  • Dr. Michael Weinberg, Plastic Surgeon

Admission Criteria

We accept referrals from:

  • Trillium Health Partner Plastic or Orthopedic Surgeons
  • External Plastic and Orthopedic Surgeons if the patient lives in our catchment area (referral AND the surgical note or treatment protocol required upon referring)
  • Date of original injury is 3 months or less


We treat the following diagnoses:

  • Flexor & Extensor Tendon Injuries
  • Dupuytren Disease
  • Soft Tissue Injuries (eg flexion deformity, contractures, volar plate, gamekeeper’s/skier’s thumb)
  • Congenital deformities (post surgical)
  • Amputations
  • Burns & Scar management
  • Osteoarthritis and Rheumatoid Arthritis (post surgical)
  • Hand Fractures
  • Nerve Injuries
  • Crush Injuries
  • Wrist fractures


We are located at:
Queensway Health Centre
150 Sherway Drive, 5th Floor

(Located across from Sherway Gardens Shopping Centre, convenient access by car, public transit, or free shuttle bus from Mississauga Hospital Site)
Hours of Operation: Monday to Friday, 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Contact Information

Telephone: (416) 521-4098
Fax (416) 521-4062

How to Prepare for Your Appointment

  • Please bring your Health card (OHIP Card). If you do not have an OHIP card, please bring another form of government-issued photo ID (such as a driver’s license, passport, or other provincial health card).
  • If you were given a medical information package by your doctor bring that with you.
  • Bring your current Medications or a List of all of your current medications
  • Ask your Pharmacist for a list of your current medications
  • If you must cancel, or change your appointment time, call (416) 521-4098 before your appointment time.  You can leave a message anytime, day or night.
  • If you miss more than two appointments without calling, you may be discharged from the program.
  • If you are more than 15 minutes late for your appointment, your therapist may not be able to see you that day, so you may need to reschedule.

Neurodiagnostic Services

Neurodiagnostic Services provides a full range of neurodiagnostic tests that aid in diagnosing disease processes affecting the nervous system. Queensway Health Centre, services include outpatient, adult and paediatric EEG. At Mississauga Hospital, services include adult and paediatric EEG, Evoked Potentials and Intra-operative monitoring.


Mississauga Hospital's Rehabilitation Day Hospital provides active, intensive, interdisciplinary assessment, consultation and treatment for adult patients who have complex rehabilitation needs. The Day Hospital's focus is on stroke, brain injury (traumatic and aneurysm), muskuloskeletal, and general complex rehabilitation patients.

The team is comprised of nursing, social work, therapeutic recreation, physiotherapy, occupational therapy and speech-language pathology. The team assesses patients for admission into the program once goals for rehabilitation have been identified and discussion with the patient and family has taken place. The overall goals of the program are to facilitate a full transition to the community and to optimize function. While attending the Day Hospital, patients live in the community and travel to the hospital for an intensive program two times a week.


The Outpatient Neurology program is the counterpart to the Day Hospital. Patients with neurological problems who need rehabilitation are cared for by a team of physicians, nurses, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, and social workers. Communication, dysphagia assessment and management, aphasia group, and voice therapy services are offered.


Specialized services are provided for acute orthopaedic conditions including fractures, soft tissue injuries, joint replacements, and other surgical procedures. Individualized treatment programs for patients are enhanced with a range of group programs supported by physiotherapy assistants. These include Back Education, Knee Class and Pool Program. The physiotherapists are also active members of the Fracture Clinic team.

Other programs provided by ambulatory rehabilitation services include the Prevocational Program, the Respiratory Rehabilitation Program, the Arthritis Society Partnership Program, and the UVL Program.

Vestibular Lab

Mississauga Hospital's Vestibular Lab provides testing to patients with problems of the vestibular system such as imbalance and dizziness.

Kingsway Financial Spine Centre

We are dedicated to excellence in spine care. Our aim is to give early assessment, diagnosis, and treatment to individuals suffering from spine disorders that have lasted less than 6 months ("acute" disorders).

We treat many conditions, including:

  • Stable spinal fractures
  • Post operative back pain
  • Mechanical back pain (lasting less then 6 months)
  • Identified disc pathology (i.e. disc herniation, disc bulge)
  • Back pain that is not yet diagnosed (lasting less then 6 months)

We see patients by referral only.

Patient Experience

96 per cent of patients surveyed rated our quality of care as "very good to excellent".

Relieving the Pain

Back pain takes a toll on a person's physical and emotional well being. It is the most common cause of disability in people under the age of 45. Mississauga Hospital opened the Kingsway Financial Spine Centre in May 2005 to help patients' physical and emotional recovery through evidence-based practice.

A First for Canada

Our state-of-the-art, 9000 square foot space is the first facility of its kind in Canada. We have is the only program in Canada where orthopaedic and neurosurgeons work together, along with a dedicated rehabilitation team.

Faster Treatment

Designated, in-house slots for the Centre's patients help to reduce wait times for MRIs, CT Scans and X-rays, speeding diagnosis and treatment.

Award Winning Spine Care

Mississauga Hospital was awarded the 3M Health Care Quality Team Award for providing excellence in spine care across the continuum, including the work of the Spine Centre.

Educating Our Community

It's better to prevent spine injuries before they happen. We have an area dedicated to back care education, the prevention of spine and back disorders, and wellness for you and your family.

In 2008, we held our first community education evening. These sessions help the general public learn about back pain and how to obtain the necessary treatment.

Annual Symposium

In an effort to promote learning and innovation in spine care, the Spine Centre hosts a Spine Symposium annually for health care professionals.


Our team offers the following programs and services:

  • Individualized and group therapy exercise programs
  • Core stability classes
  • Education sessions
  • Psychological support for emotional, behavioural and cognitive issues
  • Strategies for challenges in activities of daily living
  • Work conditioning
  • Post Partum Health for Backs (fee payable)
  • Golf Conditioning for Backs (fee payable)
  • Functional Abilities Evaluations (fee payable)
  • Kinesiologist support in transitioning exercise program to community

Only a Spine Centre physician can refer you to our rehabilitation program.

Rehabilitation Assessment:

Our highly trained physiotherapists complete an individualized assessment using a mechanical diagnosis approach. Treatment will be based on best practices for your condition.

Rehabilitation Programs:

Rehabilitation programs can be up to a maximum of 12 weeks in length, with rechecks at 4 week intervals. The program is focused on a self management approach and includes mandatory education sessions. Group exercise classes will focus on core stability, with one-on-on sessions as needed. Referrals for rehabilitation services from physicians outside the Spine Centre are not accepted.

Hours of Operation: 8 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.

Contact and Location:

Staff can be reached via phone, fax or in person:
Phone: (416) 521-4141
Fax: (416) 521-4140
Address: 3rd Floor- 150 Sherway Drive, Toronto ON, M9C 1A5

Stroke Treatment/Prevention

Stroke is a medical emergency. Chances of surviving a stroke and achieving full recovery are significantly higher if medical help is sought right away. As a regional stroke centre, Mississauga Hospital's Emergency Centre has staff skilled in identifying and treating stroke patients. If a patient arrives at Mississauga Hospital's Urgent Care Centre showing signs of a stroke or stroke-like symptoms, s/he is transferred immediately to Mississauga Hospital's Emergency Centre.

Stroke patients needing admission to hospital are cared for in the Comprehensive Stroke Unit at Mississauga Hospital.