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Our Process

What does the Patient Relations Office do?

  • The Patient Relations Office is here to support you, the patient, and your family during your stay at the hospital.
  • We are here to help if you have a question, concern, compliment or suggestion about the care you received at Trillium Health Partners
  • We will deal with your concerns in a supportive and respectful way. We will encourage effective communication between patients, their families and their health care team.
  • Your discussions with Patient Relations are confidential.

What should I do if I have a problem or concern?

Recognizing that issues may arise regarding your care or the care of your family member, we encourage you to talk with members of your health care team directly.  Most clinical areas have a clinical leader, charge nurse and clinical manager who can assist you, if needed. Please go to the nursing station/reception area to find out who you can speak with.

Additionally, the Patient Relations office is available to assist you.  We will ensure your concern is directed to the appropriate person(s) and will work with you and the team to address your concerns.

Step 1
​Patient Relations receives your complaint via phone, letter, email or in person at our office.  We make sure we understand your concern.

Step 2
We will acknowledge the feedback and appoint a team member to investigate the complaint within 5 business days.

Step 3
We will contact you to discuss your experience. A file is created in the feedback system to categorize each complaint and manage all correspondence.  You will be given a file number and the name and contact information for the person looking after your file.

Step 4
We will look into the facts and investigate. We connect with the parties involved, review records, incident reports and discuss matters with our health care providers and the leadership team.

Step 5
We will keep you informed of the investigation process at regular intervals. 

Step 6
We will provide you with a response to your concerns and discuss a potential resolution.

Our goal is to support our patients with respect, compassion and dignity and to ensure that your experience is a positive one.

If a Patient Relations Advisor or Coordinator has been the lead person on your concern, you can appeal any decision to the Director of Patient Relations.