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General Genetics

Trillium Health Partners General Genetics Clinic sees people of all ages to assess any medical condition that has an underlying genetic cause.

The focus of the Genetics team is to help educate people about genetic conditions in themselves or in their families. Complicated genetic information is explained in words easily understood by most people. When appropriate, genetic testing will be offered.

Who could consider a genetics consultation?

  • a person with developmental delay and/or autism
  • a person with a birth defect
  • a person with a family history of a known or suspected genetic condition
  • a person with a family history of the same condition present in two or more individuals, usually closely related
  • If an individual’s concern is not listed above, they may speak with their healthcare provider to determine if a genetic consultation is appropriate.


Credit Valley Hospital site - Room 1A100
2200 Eglinton Ave. W.
Mississauga, Ontario L5M 2N1


Monday to Friday, 8:00 am – 5:00 pm

Contact Information

Phone: 905-813-4104
Fax: 905-813-4347


A referral from a doctor is required.

Resources for Patients & Their Families

What Information is Needed to Make a Referral?
Helpful information to give to your healthcare provider:

  • Relevant family history including:
    • who in the family has the condition(s)
    • how are they related to you
    • age of diagnosis
  • Medical records for the affected individual such as:
    • genetic test results
    • doctor’s consultation letters
    • pathology reports from surgery
    • test results, such as x-rays, ultrasounds, blood work

What to expect during a genetic counselling appointment?
You will meet with a genetic counsellor or geneticist, or sometimes both. During the appointment your family and medical history will be taken. Sometimes a geneticist will perform a physical examination. Some patients might be offered genetic testing. If there is a specific diagnosis, the geneticist/genetic counsellor will explain how the condition could affect your, or your child’s, health and daily life, as well as the management issues that could arise with having a specific genetic condition. Also, the chance of others in the family having the same condition will be discussed.

The genetics team is dedicated to working with the patient to understand complex information and help them make the most informed decisions regarding their, or their child’s health care.​​