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Paediatric Sexual Assault Services

Trillium Health Partners provides medical care and counselling for children who have experienced sexual assault. We offer medical and forensic services for children who require care, assessment and/or documentation because of sexual abuse or assault

We will also make referrals to community agencies who provide treatment to children and their families.

Who we Help

Children under the age of 12

We also offer psycho-educational counselling services for the non-offending caregiver and child who have been referred through our medical services in either Mississauga or Brampton.


Mississauga Hospital
100 Queensway West
Mississauga, ON
L5B 1B8​


Children are generally referred to us by our key stakeholders the Children’s Aid Society of Peel and Peel Regional Police, or through our emergency department.

What are forensic services?

Forensic services involve the collection of physical evidence of the assault.
Survivors are provided with a comprehensive explanation of their forensic options, which include:

  1. The collection and release of forensic evidence to police with your consent;
  2. The collection and storage of forensic evidence at the hospital pending your decision about reporting to police (evidence is stored up to 6 months);
  3. Reporting the assault to police without the collection of forensic evidence; or
  4. No forensic evidence collection and no report to police.

For Sexual Assault clients:

  • The Sexual Assault Evidence Kit (SAEK) designed by the Centre of Forensic Sciences is used to collect forensic evidence up to twelve days post-sexual assault.
  • Forensic documentation is done using the forms provided in the Kit.
  • Photo-documentation and body-map diagrams of injuries are made when applicable.
  • Procedures are followed to address contamination of evidence issues.