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Vision for the Future

Trillium Health Partners is excited about the opportunities of leveraging simulation for the advancement of education.



SimMan® 3G


Trillium Health Partners is committed to utilizing simulation-based teaching strategies to enhance the education of staff, physicians and students. Simulation-based training is an interprofessional team building opportunity to learn collaboratively while developing communication and skill sets through practice and repetition in order for staff, physicians and students to provide the right care, at the right place and the right time.

Currently, we offer a number of simulation activities to build clinical skills and communication. High fidelity simulation typically involves the use of mannequins, complex interfacing and team performance training. Medium fidelity simulation explores critical pathways and decision algorithms. Low fidelity simulation can involve experimentation with tools, communication and skills training.

The SimNewB® is a computer controlled, high-fidelity infant simulator. This full-body baby mannequin has realistic anatomical features and a clinical functionality that allows learners to practice a wide range of neonatal skills

The Harvey® Cardiopulmonary Simulator provides the ability to realistically simulate most cardiac diseases. This mannequin has the capability of changing its blood pressure, pulse, heart sounds and murmurs at the touch of a button.

The SimMan® 3G is a wireless, high-fidelity patient simulator. This full-body adult mannequin has realistic anatomical features that can simulate a wide variety of life-like physical findings.

The SimJunior® represents a 6 year old boy that simulates a wide range of conditions from a healthy, talking child to an unresponsive, critical patient with no vital signs, allowing learners to focus on a broad range of pediatric skills in order to gain exposure and practical experience of life-threatening pediatric problems.

Simulation Facilities​

The facilities used for simulation are at Credit Valley Hospital and Mississauga Hospital in the clinical training facilities.

Simulation sessions are operated by appropriately trained staff – often a physician or clinician.

As we continue to build upon a culture of education, simulation will provide our staff, physicians and learners with unique interprofessional learning opportunities.