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Credit Valley Hospital

The Credit Valley Hospital

2200 Eglinton Avenue West
Mississauga, ON
L5M 2N1


(905) 813-2200

Patient Inquiry:
(905) 813-3971

Mississauga Hospital

Mississauga Hospital

100 Queensway West
Mississauga, ON​
L5B 1B8


(905) 848-7100

Patient Inquiry:
(905) 848-7533

Queensway Health Centre

Queensway Health Centre

150 Sherway Drive
Toronto, ON
M9C 1A5


(416) 259-6671

Patient Inquiry:
(905) 848-7533

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89 Queensway West, Suite 800
Mississauga, Ontario L5B 2V2


Patient Access Phone Line

We want to ensure our patients are as comfortable as possible while they are at Trillium Health Partners, and that they stay connected with loved ones easily, both in person and by telephone.
Patient Access Phone Lines at the Mississauga Hospital and Credit Valley Hospital sites are available between the hours of 7:00 a.m. and 10:00 p.m.

Patients may be reached directly by dialing:
905-848-7123 at our Mississauga Hospital site and
905-813-1111 at Credit Valley Hospital site,
and entering the patient’s room extension after following the prompts.

The room extension number can be found on the whiteboard in each patient’s room or by asking a member of the patient’s health care team.

We Welcome Patient Feedback

Trillium Health Partners strives to be the "finest hospital in Canada in the hearts and minds of the people we serve" and to do this we need your feedback. Our Patient Relations Office can help you if you have a compliment or concern with the care at Trillium Health Partners. The Patient Relations Advisors and Administrative Assistants comprise the Patient Relations office.

The Patient Relations Office:

  • Is available to you if you are unable to have your concerns resolved directly with staff.
  • Will address your concerns in a supportive and respectful way.
  • Will listen with a sympathetic ear and assist you in a confidential manner.
  • Will set up meetings and/or facilitate communication between patients, families and appropriate members of the health care team
  • Will investigate and communicate your issues to the CEO/president, management, physicians and staff so they can be addressed accordingly.
  • Will answer your questions and explain hospital policies and procedures to help you better understand your hospital experience.
  • May utilize your comments to inform administration of potential quality improvements in the areas of care and treatment.
  • Receives compliments and shares these with the relevant members of the health care team and related management staff.

What do you do first if you have a problem or a concern?

  1. On a Nursing Unit or in the Emergency Room:
    It is best to speak with the Coordinating Nurse, Nurse Manager or Attending Physician. If that person is not available or you are still dissatisfied, you may call on the Patient Relations Advisor for assistance.
  2. In other areas of the Hospital:
    Ask to speak with a supervisor or manager. Feel free to contact a Patient Relations Advisor if that person is not available or you remain dissatisfied.
  3. After business hours:
    Please leave a detailed message with the Patient Relations office and your call will be returned within 2 business days.
  4. I'm afraid that if I complain things will be worse for my relative:
    This is understandable. Sometimes being a patient in the health care system can cause you to feel vulnerable. However, your feedback is necessary for us to make improvements in our processes and procedures. At Trillium Health Partners, we believe that constructive criticism provides the opportunity to create and implement positive solutions
  5. How can I be assured that the Patient Relations Office will be objective and fair, given they are staff of the hospital?
    Yes, patient relations staff is hospital employees; however, our main objective is to assist the patient and family in the resolution of their concerns. We maintain an impartial perspective as we are not a part of your health care team. We are essentially the public's voice for the hospital.
  6. Where does the Patient Relations Office report?
    We report directly to the president/CEO. On a semi-annual basis, the office also produces reports for the Board of Governors outlining the numbers and kinds of complaints and compliments received. Reports do not identify individual patients and/or staff members. Trends are analyzed to identify areas of strength as well as areas that might benefit from quality improvement strategies.
  7. If you do not speak English:
    Please inform staff if your primary language is other than English as we have translators readily available.

We invite your feedback:

Mississauga Hospital / Credit Valley Hospital / Queensway Health Centre


Contact Information




 Patient Inquiry (Credit Valley Hospital)(905) 813-3971 

 Patient Inquiry (Mississauga Hospital)

(905) 848-7533


 Patient Relations


 Communications and Public Affairs:
 See: Newsroom page



Communications and Public Affairs:
After hours, please contact the media-on-call representative through locating​
​(905) 848-7100


(905) 848-7575

 Health Records

(905) 848-7181
(905) 848-7677


At Trillium Health Partners, we are all about providing patients and families services that will promote and improve our patients' health. Staying in touch with family and friends plays an important role in a patient's recovery process. For this reason we offer two ways in which you can stay in contact with a loved one.

Let your loved one hear directly from you. Telephones are located beside each patient's bedside. Friends and family members are welcome to call anytime between 7:00 a.m. and 9:00 p.m. If you have a touchtone phone, dial our automated attendant at (905) 848-7580 and enter the patient's extension.


Speak directly with a Trillium Health Partners representative. Call Patient Enquiry at (905) 848-7533 and ask to be connected to your loved one.

Bill Payment

To pay your hospital bill online, over the phone, or to speak with Patient Accounts, see Bill Payment page »

Hospital Maps

For Maps, Directions to the hospital and Parking information, see: